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Take orlistat precisely as routed on the tag, or as it was suggested for you. Do not take the medicine in larger amounts, or take it for longer compared to suggested by your physician. Below the instructions on your prescription label.

This drug features person directions for risk-free as well as effective usage. Comply with these directions carefully. Ask your physician or pharmacologist if you have any kind of inquiries.

Take this medicine with a full glass of water. Take orlistat throughout or within 1 hour after a meal that includes some fat (no even more than 30 % of the calories for that dish). Orlistat is often taken 3 times daily.

If you avoid a meal or you consume a meal that does not consist of any type of fat, avoid your orlistat dose for that dish.

The fat content of your daily diet ought to not be higher than 30 % of your complete daily calorie intake. For instance, if you eat 1200 calories each day, no greater than 360 of those calories ought to be in the kind of fat.

Read the tag of all meals things you eat, paying special focus on the number of portions per container. Your medical professional, nourishment counselor, or dietitian could help you develop a healthy eating plan.

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